Friday, December 25, 2009

24th december, yesterday.

birthday ayah ♥ ♥

happy birthday ayah!
i love you always,

thanks alot for those unforgettable sacrifices you have done.

the first time i saw you after you went away for 40 days
makes me tell myself that i actually miss you more than i could imagine. :'(


✖AzRaAi✖ said...

appreciate ur parents while they are "available"

cahaya kelip-kelip said...

selamat ulang tahun ayah!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday baba!!
nfs :)

faraa fatina said...

azraai: iyeeeee. -.-

syera: :)

nfs: adoy, sejak bila ntah pggl baba.

Anonymous said...

eh salah eh..
sorry ayah..

faraa fatina said...

nfs: bru betul, haha