Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the truth hurts.

it is true
why people always said that
the truth hurts.

i've faced this a thousand times.
and people around me faced it too, because of me.

you just can't runaway from it
coz no matter what you do,
how secretive you are,
in the end you have to spill it all out.

damn, actually i just faced it again.

i know the truth,          and i tell the truth.

which means,
im hurt and i hurt someone too.

shit. life is evil.


~azraai~ said...

dah la x yah nk merepek..magrib2 merepek

faraa fatina said...

cepat betul baca.

Anonymous said...

psl ur ex ke?chill babe.

~azraai~ said...

dah 2..dok mengadap laptop 24 jam..memang la cpt bace..

faraa fatina said...

anony: err, takdelah. haha, smtg else. :) hehe

azrai: iyeee.