Thursday, December 31, 2009

buku hidup

yea, hari ni dah hari last tahun 2009.
esok pula hari first tahun 2010.

so, bak kata orang
tutup lah buku lama, buka buku baru.
kalau ikut kalendar kafir lah.

hmm to 2009,
it has been a year full of memories and experiences.
ups and downs, alot of it for sure.
with family and friends, tak lupa jugak enemies, hahaha.
alot of friends and peeps come and go.
alot of things and stuff happened that gave me alot of impact.
well, thats life.
im greatful for those things because it makes me learn
the true meaning of life, love, friendship and what's
important and not.
like every year, it will always be filled with tears and laughters.
thanks to those who are still with me, especially loved ones.
my life is full of colours and excitement with you guys and girls
all around me.

everyday is a different day, and i thank Allah for still giving me air to breath.

p.s: thanks to those who have made me realized that you were not
      like what i assumed you to be. 
      tengah cynical la ni bongok, jangan perasan aku puji.

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