Wednesday, November 18, 2009


morning everyone,
hmm having a blog AGAIN makes me freakingly 'kemaruk' want to
spill what i have in mind all the time.

slowly fara, slowlyyy*

i tend to make this blog look similar to the previous one coz
i sayang the old blog act :"(
tee hee hee

during this semester break,
i have a tight-make-me-exhausted schedule.

after waking up in the morning,
terus transform into a robot to do house chores.

house chores from A to Z.
n i have to do this everyday.
i just done it for only a few days,
n i dah taklarat.
ape punya anak dara la*
my mom? larat pulak.
now i realized,
how tired my mother is everyday.
n she never complained.

god, imy mom imy dad :(

hope that u both are always fine there in makkah n madinah :)


Anonymous said...

sape jge u adek bradik nnti??
nfs :))

faraa fatina said...

la, fara la. tga jaga ni cuti ni .
pcy x? hahaha

Anonymous said...

mcm xpcy :P
bgus la..
da matang la ni..
u kew masak??
nfs :)

faraa fatina said...

yela, mmg smua ssh nk pcy.
asl tny je, smua msti nk tny fara msk ke.
takpun. remeh2 je.